OMG Aerials

The 5 Main Components of a Commercial Real Estate Market Aerial Map

May 16, 20171:10, PM

1. The Base Layer

The base layer of an aerial map is the foundation and precursor to how visually appealing your aerial map will be at completion. Google Earth is most commonly used by brokers, but we recommend Nearmap as it has higher resolution and more up to date photography. Nearmap’s images are taken from low altitude flying aircraft (planes not drones), and they fly over most markets multiple times a year. Pictured above is an example showing what Google Earth has on the newly built Henderson Hospital in Nevada (empty land), and what Nearmap has (completed site). Inquire with us to see when your site was last captured.

2. The Scope

The scope is the area in which retailers and key sites of interest will be identified. It is important to think the scope through before starting on the aerial. If there’s a mall 1.5 miles from the subject, perhaps you might want to extend the scope to show the mall. If the mall is a dead mall, perhaps you might want to leave that out.

3. Highlighted Roads

Accessibility is significant to all Commercial Real Estate sites no matter what the property type. And the best way to show accessibility is by showing the roads that lead to the site. Not only that, but on-ramp/off-ramps are important, as are jug handles, exits, access roads, etc. Also its sometimes good to show traffic lights, and of course traffic counts.

4. Key Sites of Interest

It is important to understand the market your property resides in as well as having a strategy regarding the type of buyers or tenants you may be trying to attract. These two components go hand and hand. If you are looking to attract medical tenants than you may want to identify all hospitals in the area. If you’re leasing space in a business park, perhaps there is an executive airport you may want to highlight. Maybe the tenant that you’re pitching your site to only wants to be in high income areas, in that case highlight the golf courses/country clubs.

5. Subject Property Call Out Box

What to put in the call out box that identifies your subject property? This is a matter of preference and we’ve seen it all. Except of course the last one shown above. That’s just for fun, we suggest you not use that one!